Maximize your Proceeds

Maximize Proceeds & Minimize Time on Market

1. Create a list of needed repairs and tend to them. If you haven’t operated the boat in awhile, check all the systems. Fix these things ahead of time and you’re ahead of the game when survey time comes. If bulbs are shot, replace them. If the bilge pump is broken, fix or replace it. Both the buyer and the surveyor expect the equipment to be in working order.

2. Clean your boat! Neat and clean boats show pride of ownership, and sell more quickly and for more dollars than their neglected sister ships. Compounding, buffing, and waxing the hull and deck, and tending to bright-work assure a good first impression. Clean the interior and remove any extras that have accumulated over the years. De-cluttering drawers, lockers and countertops gives the feeling of a larger boat. Clean the interior woodwork. The engine compartment and bilges should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Odor problems are a big buyer turn-off., so check the head hoses and holding tank(s). An odor will only get worse, especially in warm weather. Make sure that when you enter the boat, you are greeted by a pleasant, clean smell.

3. Position the boat as near as possible to the marketplace. Buyers tend to first look at boats in major yachting venues such as Annapolis, MD. If your boat is more remote, do consider relocating. We can help you find a place to keep your boat and even help arrange to get it here. If your boat is currently registered in another state, and you bring it to Annapolis to sell, you probably won’t have to pay the Maryland state tax. Check with your broker as some restrictions apply.